"After Hours": a photography exhibition - Marie Emerson

The display of "After Hours" : a photography exhibition,

Thursday, June 29th until Sunday, July 9th, 2017. 

“After Hours” was a photography exhibition, saluting the lives we lead after our 9-5 jobs conclude. The exhibition was composed of portraits of ten local Washington, D.C., women representing six different ethnicities. It showcased the type of photographic work Emerson has conceptualized since first embarking on a photography career, but never conjured up the nerve to do so. In the exhibition, Emerson explored the duality of what is asked of us during working hours and full autonomy over our lives between the hours of 5:01 PM and 8:59 AM. “After Hours” represented: hours are all we have, and whether or not it is between 9AM to 5PM, or from 5:01PM to 8:59AM, we are the only ones who choose the lives we wish to lead.

The exhibition was on display at 1371 H Street NE:

All hours including the opening were freeto  the public.

The location of the exhibition was at the Femme Fatale (FFDC) H Street NE Pop-Up Store. FFDC is a local womyn’s collective and platform for small business owners and creatives, focusing on fashion, art, beauty, and wellness in the D.C. community.

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