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Marie Emerson is a photographer based in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. Her artistry primarily focuses on the socioeconomic and political circumstances of societies, illustrating the multi-facets of human emotions as they exist in nature.

In addition to art photography, Emerson practices a variety of other genres of photography such as: events, black and white, landscape, portraiture, street, still life, fashion, lifestyle, corporate, and journalism. Emerson is also trained in data visualizations, website and graphic design, cinematography, musical composition, and writing.

Marie Emerson CV


"All of hOurs" : a film (COMING 2020) | Washington,. D.C. 

"enDuring Hours" : a photography exhibition (2018) | Shopkeepers | NE Washington, D.C.

"After Hours": a photography exhibition (2017) | Femme Fatale | NE Washington, D.C. 


Relative Positions | 52 O Street Studios | NW Washington, D.C. 

Silent Art Auction: Industry Night | Marvin | 14th Street NW Washington, D.C. 

Seasonal artist exhibition | Bus Boys & Poets | NW Takoma, Washington, D.C.

Support Disaster Recovery for Deaf & Hard of Hearing | The Fridge | SE Washington, D.C. 

"Who's Looking Back?" | Gallery O On H | NE Washington, D.C. 

The Community Collective| Capital Fringe | NE Washington, D.C. 

"H-Street Then and Now" | Gallery O On H | NE Washington, D.C. 

Art in the Alley | Trinidad Neighborhood | NE Washington, D.C. 


Episode 25: Multi-faceted Being | Atmosphere - The Podcast for Creatives | Locale Workspace

Urban Shaman Magazine, Issue # 1 | Anacostia, SE Washington, D.C. 

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